Our Services

Creative ideas

At Red Locker we present creative ideas that assist in promoting awareness of your brand. After all, that's what consumers remember and identify with. To back this up we provide excellent service all the way through the process. At Red Locker we like to listen.

Branded apparel

Apparel complemented with personalised branding is great way to highlight your image and tell the story of what your business is about using style and colour. At Red Locker we can source a fantastic range of apparel for all occasions—for the individual, right through to large numbers for corporate / casual / sports teams. We offer contemporary fabrics and styles that have genuine retail appeal and quality. If you are simply looking at a stock item, we have that covered. If it needs to be custom designed and supplied, we have all the resources to make it happen. Red Locker can also assist with visuals to help bring the idea to life and can also be your team member for distribution of product if needed. Quite simply, we offer a complete package that will literally bring the items to the front door.

Promotional products

Promotional products are a fantastic way to reinforce a company's image with a positive statement. It’s important to make the launch of any new product or service memorable, as well as informing current and prospective customers. We can help you identify the right promotional marketing product mix to highlight your product's unique features or demonstrate its benefits. Here at Red Locker we provide a comprehensive range of items with a twist to be creative, from a branded pair of jandals that might be used as a teaser for an upcoming conference in Fiji through to a subtle branded travel bag that could be used for an incentive within your company. The supply partners we have in place to source that unique item are well drilled on what needs to happen to satisfy the end user—YOU!